Real Body Story Resources:
Inherit- Video
Christy Magnani

influence- A resource page for teens.
Christy Magnani

You Without Me- 30 sec video
Christy Magnani

Devotionals- Coming soon

Conversation Launchers (for Moms and Daughters)- Coming Soon

Like Mother, Like Daughter: How Women are Influenced By Their Mother's Relationship with Food--and How to Break the Pattern.
Debra Waterhouse

Feeling Good about the Way You Look: A Program for Overcoming Body Image Problems.
Sabine Wilhelm

The Moral Intelligence of Children: How to Raise a Moral Child.
Robert Coles

Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel.
Jean Kilbourne


Journal Articles:


Journal of Health Psychology
Peer Influences, Body-image Dissatisfaction, Eating Dysfunction and Self-esteem in Adolescent Girls
Hemal Shroff and J. Kevin Thompson

Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Mothers, Daughters and Disordered Eating
Kathleen Pike and Judith Rodin

British Journal of Health Psychology
Body dissatisfaction, dieting awareness and the impact of parental influence in young children
J. Lowes and M. Tiggemann
Article Link



Beyond Hunger


Harvard Science- Fijian Girls Succumb to Western Dysmorphia


The Body Image Project

National Eating Disorders Association

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Parenting Education Resources from the University of Minnesota

America The Beautiful


America The Beautiful, The Thin Commandments


ABC News Celebrity Perfection


Real Body Story Side Notes
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Featured in Film

In theaters across the country, audiences are viewing Darryl Roberts film, America the Beautiful- The Thin Commandments.  The film covers topics including weight loss, the Body Mass Index and the negative affects of dieting.  The film features a section about Jenn and the message...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #3

Ageist advertisements are nothing new.  American’s infatuation with maintaining a youthful appearance is evidenced in advertisements spanning nearly 100 years.  Woman in the U.S. culture are told they should “guard against” signs of aging and consumer advertising...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #2

Fight. When I think of the word, it brings back memories of my school age days; bullies in the hallway or mean girls making threats and instigating a melee. The connotation of the word itself arouses emotions of defensiveness and anxiousness. I don't associate the word with adult images because...More

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Ageist Ad Rule #1

Ageist language in advertisements may help consumers identify problems they wouldn’t recognize on their own; without the help of marketers.  For example, the following advertisement claims that your face should be void of facial lines.  In a recent classroom exercise, I...More

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Ageism- A Weekly Look at Advertisements

A Wrinkle in Our Time: Ageist Language in Advertisements

In the early 1990s waif-like models and the desire to be ultra thin was a prevailing theme in advertising.  From perfume to blue jean advertisements models selling these items looked emaciated yet...More

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